Previews Page

This is the new and (sort of) improved previews page. Instead of posting first drafts of first chapters to stories, which apparently freezes my muse in her tracks I will be posting something a bit more fluid. On this page you will find a little something for any story I have a folder for, meaning any story I have at least started even a little bit be it just an outline or full on headway.

This will not be the same as the rampant plot bunnies page which gives and overview of fandoms I want to write for, this page is much more specific to stories I’ve already committed myself to. Once a story begins to post openly it will be removed from this list, and if I begin a new idea (be it research or just a rough outline) it will be added.

Each story will have a banner (if there is one, but that’s usually where I start creating once a concept takes hold so it would be rare for a fic to come here without one), a summary of what the fic will be about (plus fandom/pairing or Gen label), and an approximate chapter count (which can of course change drastically from planning stage to execution). While at times my fics will gain more chapters because of an epiphany (where I’ve usually forgotten a plot point I wanted to include or realized that I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner), a chapter having to be cleaved in two to keep everything balanced, or something else completely random they almost never end up with less than I originally intended (stressing the almost in the almost never).

With that said and out of the way enjoy a trip into my mind, I’ve been told it’s a cluttered and scary place. These fics will be in no particular order (I went back and forth between organizing them by fandom or maybe alphabetical, but that was just too much work for what amounts to a WIP list) so it’s first come first serve.

Ask Me No Questions

Ask Me No Questions

Fandom – NCIS/Teen Wolf (Gen)

Summary : After the Alpha pack comes to town the ritual sacrifices catch some attention from people who don’t look the other way.

Chapter Count – 12

Notes : I had a hard time figuring out where to put this in the timeline, a lot happens in beacon hills but not all of it would be enough to catch outside attention. I thought about putting it during the kill list arc when events did grab the attention of Scott’s FBI agent father, but then decided to go for the sacrifice clusters instead. This was a lot of work for a story I only came up with because I wanted to see Stiles get interrogated by professionals. It was so close to being a cross with Criminal Minds but a Very Special Agent won the day.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Fandom – Mercy Thompson Book Series (Mercy/Stefan)

Summary : When Mercy’s mom comes to Bran for help raising her she is turned away, now years later Mercy is back around the wolves who turned their backs on her as a child, but she doesn’t need them anymore, they need her.

Chapter Count – 14 (depending on if I only do the first book or keep going as one fic for the whole series)

Notes : It always stuck with me that the wolves Mercy grew up with were so mean to her because her animal form wasn’t the same as theirs. Plus, it even states in the books themselves that they were even meaner to her mother when she would come to visit her, so here I am putting my own spin on it. I don’t know about you but no mother I know would leave their child in a hostile environment if there was another option, especially not the younger mothers.

Bloody Love

Bloody Love 

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spike/Buffy)

Summary : When Spike comes to town it all falls down around the scoobies, because Spike brings more than just trouble with him.

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : This story will be set in season 2 with more than a few flashbacks, I thought about telling the story in a more linear fashion but that just didn’t work for the small pieces of backstory I wanted to show (there just wasn’t enough of it). Basically Buffy will be taking Dru’s place in canon only without the visions and full on crazy (only subtle crazy I swear).

Demons Darling

Demon’s Darling

Fandom – Shadowhunters (Magnus/Alec)

Summary : Alec takes on a debt to save his family from ruin, only to find a new freedom in his servitude.

Chapter Count – 13

Notes : Plays off the premise in A Life Debt by Goody where Jace/someone (could be Izzy to be honest they are both kind of reckless) does something unforgiveable that usually ends with legal execution by the downworld but Alec steps up and instead agrees to serve Magnus for the rest of his life instead. Not sure yet if I want to start it at the beginning when the deal was struck (maybe as just a prologue) or when Clary comes into the picture years later. Though I don’t see Jace or Izzy being able to hack it as Shadowhunters without Alec there watching their backs and covering for them all the time. He was the man with the plan and the only one who took his training so seriously.

Fire in Our Veins

Fire in Our Veins

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries (Caroline/Klaus)

Summary : Klaus is the vampire boogey man feared by all, but the girl who is always at his side is somehow even scarier than he is. If only they could find some record of who she might be, but no one seems to know anything or if they do they’re not talking.

Chapter Count – 7

Notes : For some reason I’ve been wanting to read about a Hellhound!Caroline for a while now but since I can’t find one I shall write it myself and hope to inspire others so I can see other peoples takes on this idea. Normally I try to keep characters as at least something they’ve been before (a vampire can be either human or vampire; a hybrid either human, werewolf, or vampire etc…) but this idea just won’t leave my brain so I will write it down and hope that purges it from my thoughts.

From Time to Time

From Time to Time

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries (Caroline/Klaus)

Summary : The witches and other supernaturals on the other side look on as the world burns and know they have to do something to fix the damage done by the hubris of others. Niklaus needs a guiding light to keep him from the path he now walks, and they know just the light to show him.

Chapter Count – 21

Notes : Time Travel! Klaus has such a rich and lengthy history I just had to dive in and drag Caroline along with me for the adventure. This fic will span from Human Niklaus all the way to Mystic falls Klaus and maybe even beyond that, I haven’t decided yet.

Lost and Found

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter (Buffy/Snape, Lilly/James, Others)

Summary : Buffy jumps from the tower into the portal and falls farther than even she thought she would.

Chapter Count – 18

Notes : I read a story Darkness Rising by Raiyaka that inspired me to see if I could make this particular concept work. Not sure if I’ll succeed yet at making it believable but you’ll eventually get to see my efforts for yourself either way.

Old World View

Fandom – Thor (Gen)

Summary : The Norns see Thanos on the horizon and the death of their beloved tree and decide to give one chance to change it all, if those involved will listen and learn.

Chapter Count – 22

Notes : So this story happened because I read a lot of Marvel fics where people were pointing out not just plotholes but just all around issues with the films. Things like this is obvious why did no one stand up and point it out or at least ask a question, and I got to thinking about Asgard with that attitude and here we are.

Questioning the King

Questioning the King

Fandom – Merlin (Gen)

Summary : Anhora takes Arthur’s assertion that his people were innocent to heart and gives him a different final chance. The people of Camelot will stand trial and if they are found innocent the curse will be lifted and they will be spared, if not…

Chapter Count – 12

Notes : I was re-watching Merlin (or at least cherry picking my fave episodes) and when he declared to Anhora that his people were innocent and that they had done nothing to deserve the curse leveled against them I waited for the old man to roll his eyes and laugh. Instead this happened, at least in my head it did.

Sins of the Flesh

Sins of the Flesh

Fandom – True Blood (Eric/Sookie)

Summary : At a party given in his honor Eric meets a donor that is so much more than she seems at first glance. She’s so full of light she calls to him across the darkness, but he’s not the only one who’s noticed.

Chapter Count – 1 (could be expanded to 7 if I feel like diving deeper into this universe)

Notes : I don’t actually remember how this little plot bunny came to be, but I’m fairly certain that it came from reading a combination of different fics and letting my mind wander as it’s wont to do.

to tell you the truth

to tell you the truth?

Fandom – Vampire Diaires

Summary – Enzo decides he wants a bedtime story from his good buddy Damon and knows just the story to pick. It’s the one about a certain Perky Blonde Angel of Death.

Chapter Count – 1 (could be more if I decide to expand)

Notes – This story came out of left field for me, I knew I wanted to write something revolving around Enzo and Damon with their interesting dynamic they have but didn’t know what the two of them could talk about, with their personalities it sure as hell wouldn’t be about themselves or their shared past. Then it hit me, Caroline. Thus this idea came into spectacular being. Not sure yet if it’s going to be a canon retelling of Caroline/Klaus with an emphasis on Caroline and how she’s changed as a person but that’s the direction it seems to be heading towards.

whatever it takes

Whatever it Takes

Fandom – The Client List (Riley Parks/Greg Carlyle)

Summary : After Kyle Parks is arrested the state takes his children placing them in the foster system. After Riley tries every legal means available to her to get them back with no success she starts to look at less legal ways. When she meets Greg Carlyle she knows two things for sure that she may be making the biggest mistake of her life and that she to get her kids back she will do whatever it takes.

Chapter Count – 16

Notes : This a story that I think would do well on Lifetime (where the series aired) it’s all about a woman trying to protect her kids but nothing ever seems to go her way.


Dinner Party

Fandom – Hannibal (Hannibal/Will)

Summary : Hannibal decides to host a dinner party as a bit of a farewell before he leaves to return to Europe.

Chapter Count – 1

Notes : I’m not sure if this will be a stand alone little one-shot or if I’ll turn it into the epilogue of my story Love in the Time of Life (featured further down this list), it could work either way. So no banner until I decide where it’s going to go.

laughing at my pain

Laughing at My Pain

Fandom – Suicide Squad (Joker/Harley Quinn)

Summary : Dr. Harleen Quinzel is as relieved as the rest of Gotham after the infamous Joker is taken off the streets, but it doesn’t occur to her until she goes back to work the next day just where that puts him.

Chapter Count – 18

Notes : I wasn’t sure which version to use for this fic, but eventually landed on Suicide Squad because I loved Margot Robbie as Harley and really wanted to dive into that relationship during his stay at Arkham.

Life Unlived

Life Unlived

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries/The Avengers (Caroline/Klaus)

Summary : Caroline gets sick of her life in Mystic Falls after one too many torture sessions and decides to run for the hills or at least for New York. Other vampires don’t have to deal with this daily life or death nonsense she shouldn’t have to either.

Chapter Count – 17

Notes : I read a fic Young Blood by Melissawtf, where Caroline runs away from Mystic Falls and ends up working for Tony Stark and my mind went YES! So this will one day be my version only klaroline will still very much be a thing in my story and Caroline will be a bit more secretive about the whole vampirism thing. Seriously she gave up the goods way too easy in that story and they accepted it way too easy to.

Oh My God

Oh My God

Fandom – Thor (Loki/Darcy)

Summary : Loki saw the potential in Midgard and chose to stay there after his family returned to Asgard having grown bored with the mortals worship of them. Now after centuries of guiding presence Odin is beginning to see what Loki does and decides it’s time to bring his youngest back home for good.

Chapter Count – 14

Notes : I started thinking about how Thor and Loki were once worshipped on Midgard and thought to myself Self what would have happened if Loki decided to stay and nurture that worship to a more global scale. This came from that one little thought, who knew.

Speak and Be Heard

Speak and Be Heard

Fandom – Joan of Arcadia (Gen)

Summary : What if Joan was misdiagnosed as being mentally ill like the doctor says happens sometimes with Lyme disease. How would that change her journey and her relationships?

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : This is the first in a series, this story will remain in the Joan of Arcadia fandom dealing with her (mis)diagnosis and how she and her family come to terms with that. After that though there will be a series of fics that are crossovers where she basically goes to other shows/films/books and does what she does in the show blindly helping people. Partially inspired by Time is a Limiting Reagent by PaBurke and Lunch Meetings by PaBurke. I don’t have a fandom list yet for where and when to cross her over, but I will and no fandom will be off limits all genre’s welcome.

Unkiss Me

Unkiss Me

Fandom – Addams Family Values (Joel Glicker/Wednesday Addams)

Summary : Joel can’t stop thinking about Wednesday, she’s still the coolest girl he’s ever met, now he just has to find a way to see her again. Luckily he has a plan.

Chapter Count – 19

Notes : I love these two. I am tossing around the idea of this fic getting a sequel where Wednesday goes with Joel to look at colleges and they visit his cousin Charlie Eppes (Numb3rs), but I haven’t quite ironed that one out yet.

Love in the time of Life

Love in the Time of Life

Fandom – Hannibal (Hannibal/Will)

Summary : Hannibal meets a strange boy in the orphanage in Lithuania who seems to see into the very soul he always doubted he even possessed. He can not simply leave him behind, now can he.

Chapter Count – 27

Notes : This fic follows the two of them from the orphanage in Lithuania all the way to the US and everything in between. There is an age difference between the two, but nothing happens between them until they’re both older at the beginning Will is more of a touchstone for Hannibal keeping him from losing himself to the tragedy and pain that surrounded him in his younger years. I’ll have to play with the timelines a little I think because Hannibal was in the orphanage/lost everything during WW2 which would make him around 80 when the show premiered in 2013 so that’s one of my hangups with starting this at the moment I haven’t worked out all the little details yet. In case you didn’t know like I didn’t before I started researching for this fic and bought the books Hannibal was born in 1933, I read that and was just like, huh.

Accidentally in LoVe

Accidentally in LoVe

Fandom – Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan)

Summary : When Lilly tells him that she has a secret half sister out in the world who just might be even more outrageous than she is, he doesn’t think it will change his life much at all. Meeting her however changes everything.

Chapter Count – 16

Notes : This is the brain child of thinking about veronica mars while watching burlesque, I am deeply shamed (only not really though).

Affairs of the Heart

Affairs of the Heart

Fandom – Frasier (Daphne/Niles)

Summary : Niles and Marris have an arrangement that works for them both, but when a new woman comes into the picture that status quo starts to fall apart.

Chapter Count – 17

Notes : This little brainstorm came about after I watched The Perfect Host (2010) and couldn’t look at Niles the same way again. My brain makes strange connections sometimes, but I just go with it.

Big Girls Don't Cry

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Fandom – Never Cry Werewolf (Loren/Jared)

Summary : After Loren first meets her new neighbor she can’t seem to stay away, there’s just something about him that draws her in, even when her head is screaming for her to run.

Chapter Count – 14

Notes : This movie is just direct to video, tv movie, sci-fi channel trash, and I love it. After watching it I had to put my own little spin on the central “relationship”, make it a bit different and a little more drawn out.

by any other name

By Any Other Name

Fandom – Person of Interest (Gen)

Summary : The Machine has tried to keep humanity safe the way she was created to but everything was so much more complicated than she was taught at the beginning of her existence. She needed to be able to move among humanity easier, she needed a body and she knew just how to get one.

Chapter Count – 32

Notes : After watching more than a few films/shows featuring androids I started to think how different Person of Interest would be if the machine had its own body, and this fic idea was born.

Can't Buy Me Love

Can’t Buy Me Love

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Cordelia/Angel(us))

Summary : Angelus was just looking for a good time when he found his next obsession instead.

Chapter Count – 17

Notes : This fic was inspired in part by Into the Past by Anne  after reading it I couldn’t stop thinking about Cordelia working in some tavern in the past and catching the attention of the Fanged Four, or at least one of them. I haven’t decided yet if this will be time travel or if Cordelia will just be born in the past.

Chances given in Darkness

Chances Given Darkness

Fandom – Joan of Arcadia (Joan/Ramsey)

Summary : What if Joan’s assignment to help Ramsey was a bit more in depth and took longer than just the dance.

Chapter Count – 12

Notes : I was drawn to the character of Ramsey in this show how he really did care about Joan and saw her as his friend, then was never heard from again and was only mentioned again in one episode after he was sent off. So I decided to have Joan’s assignment with him go a bit differently.

Darkest Corners

Darkest Corners

Fandom – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D/Dollhouse (Ward/Skye)

Summary : When Ward figures out that Skye is trying to play him Garrett comes up with a new plan to get the information they need from her, Rossum is an ally of Hydra after all.

Chapter Count – 18

Notes : I had to. That’s all I have to say about this. I just had to.

Let's Misbehave

Let’s Misbehave

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries (Caroline/Klaus)

Summary : Klaus is feeling a bit miffed that his friend is dancing attendance on his sister, so he goes looking for a distraction of his own on the dance floor and finds more than he ever dreamed he would.

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : Klaus and Caroline in the 1920’s.



Fandom – Elementary (Joan/Sherlock)

Summary : Morlan Holmes thinks his son needs more than just a glorified babysitter to stay clean so instead he assigns him someone he could be responsible for.

Chapter Count – 26

Notes : What if instead of Joan running Sherlock’s life he was forced to take care of her instead, that’s where this fic came from. Instead of a Sober Companion Sherlock’s father just gets him a Companion.

New in Town

New in Town

Fandom – Lost Girl (Bo/Dyson, Kenzi/Vex)

Summary : When a new Fae comes to town her methods leave more than a few scratching their heads in confusion and resolving to look closer.

Chapter Count – 12

Notes : This came from the idea presented in the pilot where Dyson tells Hale that Kenzi and Bo could be working together. I thought about it and thought, why not.

second chance

Second Chance

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries (Elijah/Katherine, Klaus/Caroline)

Summary : After Elijah saves a young girl from death she decides to pay him back, but what can you do for an all powerful Original?

Chapter Count – 24

Notes : I don’t actually remember what sparked this little idea into existence, all I really remember is thinking that the Original Family was making a lot of dumb choices and rookie mistakes.

Strike Me to the Heart

Strike Me to the Heart

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer/X-Men (Cordelia/Wade Wilson)

Summary : When Cordelia gets pushed through a portal (pushed tripped who’s to say) she finds herself in good company. Turns out she’s not the only human around with a quirk or two.

Chapter Count – 11

Notes : Inspired by With Tears in My Eyes by Damia, just the banter between wade and Cordelia alone is worth a dive into this idea.

the core job

The Core Job

Fandom – Firefly (Gen)

Summary : When Simon Tam finally finds where his sister is being held he needs some good thieves to help him get her back. Luckily his contact knows just the crew to call.

Chapter Count – 13

Notes : Just a little nugget of an idea, what if simon hired Mal and his crew for a job while he still had access to his money.

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

Fandom – Harry Potter (Hermione Granger/Alphard Black)

Summary : Hermione decides that her generation was far too late to be able to save anyone from Voldemort, no in order to make a difference she would have to go back to before it even began and try to change everything.

Chapter Count – 33

Notes : The only thing we know about Alphard Black is that he left money to Sirius after he was disowned, that could mean a lot of things. So I decided to turn him into this.


Arcadian Shadowhunters

Fandom – Joan of Arcadia/Shadowhunters (Gen)

Summary : When Joan is sent by God to look at an old abandoned church she doesn’t know what to expect, but she knows whatever it is won’t be simple. It never is these days.

Chapter Count – 16

Notes : No banner on this one because I’m going to change the name, I just don’t know what I’m going to change it to yet. I might fold this one into my Speak and Be Heard crossover series for Joan of Arcadia but I’m not sure yet.

Ties that bind

Ties that Bind

Fandom – Harry Potter (Gen)

Summary : Family is everything, they are the ties that bind you to your past and the catalyst that sends you towards your future.

Chapter Count – 23 (could be more depending on how many books I do as one story or if I break them up)

Notes : So this fic started off as an argument between me and my sister about a few things regarding Hogwarts and their crap security and even crappier safety standards. What if a muggle born or half bloods muggle relative (say a cousin or sibling) managed to get into Hogwarts how much havoc would they cause and how long would it take someone in charge to notice they’re even there. Let’s find out together.

Reflections in Your Eyes (1)

Reflections in Your Eyes

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy/Spike)

Summary : The PTB watch Buffy begin to crumble along with Sunnydale and decide to give her, her true wish as a reward for her long years of service.

Chapter Count – 28

Notes : This is not time travel exactly, it’s more like Buffy being sent to a parallel universe where she doesn’t have a counterpart to contend with. What do you do when you could do anything?

Falling Inside

Falling Inside

Fandom – Smallville (Lex/Clark)

Summary : When Lex Luthor hits Clark Kent with his car neither of them know just how far the ripples of that one action will go towards changing both their lives forever.

Chapter Count – 25

Notes : I always thought that Clark acted a little too human, I mean he is a different species all together even having been raised by the Kents there would still be some things that would just be instinctively different. This Clark is very aware of his differences and acts accordingly, with a few minor but significant (if that’s even a thing) changes to canon to show a very different Clark Kent. So far this fic only covers season 1, I might just stop there or continue as a series of stories, I don’t really know yet.

Pretty Crimes

Pretty Crimes

Fandom – Prison Break (T-Bag/Michael)

Summary : When given an impossible choice Michael decides to save his family the only way he can.

Chapter Count : 26

Notes : I loved the back and forth between these two is season one and wanted to play around with it a bit without having to worry about the whole tattoo/break out thing so this AU was born.

Mocking the Past

Fandom – Descendants (Gen)

Summary : Fairy Godmother is starting to think that the Isle kids are just paying lip service to the idea of being good and not really seeing what she’s trying to teach them so she decides to try a different lesson plan. By the end of it all they will all learn something they never knew before.

Chapter Count – 13 (could be 26 if I decide to cut the trials in half one chapter for prosecution and one for defense, though I might keep it all together).

Notes : I had a hard time with the descendants films, I love the concept of the next generation and things like that, but I felt like maybe a little too much of the source material was being ignored or magicked away for the sake of this story they were trying to tell. So I thought, and I thought, and I thought how could I introduce some of the things I wanted to bring up without ret-conning the hell out of everything. This is what I came up with, Mock Trial! A way to sort of rehash what it is that the villians did exactly that got them banished and bring up a few facts that would otherwise be hard to introduce organically. Now I just need to buckle down and decide on who goes first, and what exactly a legal system would look like in the magical kingdom they all inhabit.

Pet Project

Fandom – The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon/Penny)

Summary : On the way back from Texas with his friends, Sheldon begins to plan his revenge. If they thought the arctic was cold, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Chapter Count – 15

Notes : The Arctic thing was mean spirited and spiteful, they all agreed to go with him on the trip it’s not like he tricked them into getting on a plane telling them it was going to comic-con and once they were in the air yelled surprise. So Sheldon will have his revenge, at least in this story he will.

Tell Me a Story

Fandom – The Vampire Diaries (Caroline/Klaus)

Summary : Elena decides she needs to know more about Klaus, preferably before he actually shows up, so she goes to the only source of information available.

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : So this story is basically the Katarina episode with a Klaroline twist.

2 Broke Girls and the Richey Rich

Fandom – 2 Broke Girls (Max/William Van Horne)

Summary : Max can’t see what Caroline ever saw in that tool she used to date, but the more he comes around the more she sees in him.

Chapter Count – 12

Notes : When Max met Caroline’s old boyfriend and he hit on her my little shipper mind went, I can work with this. Of course he never showed up again after that one episode, but really that’s all I need to get started on my own little track.

When I See You Again

Fandom – Psych (Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lassiter)

Summary : When Shawn came back to Santa Barbara he never thought he would see Carlton again, boy was he wrong.

Chapter Count – 21

Notes : This piggybacks on the idea that Shawn and Lassiter knew each other before the start of the show and goes from there. Their relationship will start off very un-even with the power weighted heavily in Lassiters’ favor, but eventually as they both grow and learn from their past actions things will start to shift to more even footing for them both.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Cordelia/Angel(us), Spike/Drusilla, Darla/Angelus, Others)

Summary : Liam thought he would live a simple life and die an unlamented death much like his father, he could not have been farther from the truth. His life was about to take a very interesting turn, and it all began as most things do for him with a woman.

Chapter Count – 40+

Notes : This story is a little ambitious on my part, I wanted to write something that started when Angel was human (Liam) and went all the way through at least to season 1 of Buffy if not further. With a few twists of course otherwise you’re just writing out what can be found on the wiki pages in story format and who wants to read a story where there are no real surprises.

Hello, Goodnight

Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Cordelia/Angel)

Summary : Angel comes to Sunnydale to help the Slayer, but instead he’s the one who gets the help from a new friend.

Chapter Count – 18

Notes : I found a page of different what if prompts for Cordelia/Angel and decided to use a few of them to make a longer story. This will eventually be the result of that particular idea.

Freezing Heat

Fandom – Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan, Lilly/Logan)

Summary : Logan stumbles across a scene he never wanted to see and decides to take his own revenge. Sometimes that one final act of betrayal is all it takes to create a monster.

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : A look at a more vindictive Logan. Canon Logan was violent, sure but this one is more calculating and methodical about his revenge.

Jail Break

Fandom – Lost Girl (Kenzi/Lochlan)

Summary : When Kenzi is sentenced to years in prison Lochlan steps in and offers her a way out.

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : Kenzi’s place in the fae world is very precarious with Bo being un-aligned, so this fic is about taking a look at what could happen if Kenzi got into some trouble that Bo couldn’t get her out of.

Circus Heart

Fandom – Gotham (Jerome/Harley Quinn)

Summary : Jerome had never had any fans or groupies before that was for the performers, so what was he supposed to do with this girl that kept following him around?

Chapter Count – 10

Notes : I liked Jerome on Gotham, he was the right kind of crazy and charismatic to be the joker (plus I love the actor), but I didn’t really like the Harley we got (or at least I think she was meant to be Harley) so I came up with one of my own. This is story 1 of 3 for this pair.

By Your Side

Fandom – The Big Bang Theory (Penny & Sheldon)

Summary : A series of one-shots showing times in the show when Penny and Sheldon could or should have stood up for each other.

Chapter Count – indefinite

Notes : I loved the friendship between Sheldon and penny that seemed to grow thoughout the series, though sometimes it seemed to disappear completely, so this series is going to be one-shots that highlight and fix the times that they failed at being BFF’s.

Second Glance

Fandom – The Untamed

Summary – What if Baoshan Sanren took exception to the way that the world outside of her mountain has treated her children.

Chapter Count – 15+

Notes : I’m not sure where this came from I just started thinking one day that an immortal would have a very different reaction to events that span generations than anyone else would.

Toss a Coin

Fandom – The Untamed

Idea – What if Wei Wuxian had a twin sister. That’s it that’s as far as this story idea has gotten so far.

Chapter Count – 20+

Light Me Up

Fandom : Sherlock/Doctor Who (Mycroft Holmes/Clara Oswald)

Summary : Mycroft Holmes had never entertained the idea of marriage or finding a life partner of any sort. He knew there was truly no one in the world who could fit comfortably in his life nor keep up with his intellect. Mycroft Holmes was never wrong. Until he was.

Chapter Count : 25

Notes : I read several stories by british-bossy that paired these two together and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So this will one day be my contribution to this interesting pair.

Realistic Dreams

Fandom : Enola Holmes

Summary : The Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwether, after his thirtieth birthday can’t stop thinking about his life and what’s become of it. It is nothing like he had imagined it would be.

Chapter Count : 1

Notes : I have a few fic ideas for this fandom, but this one is coming first.

Sweet Revenge

Fandom : Harry Potter

Summary : Draco Malfoy

Chapter Count : 10

Notes : After re-visiting my fic Revenge is a Klaus Specialty I wanted to do something like it again and this is what I landed on. I’m not sure yet who (beyond the big three) he will be dealing with.

None So Blind

Fandom : Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Summary : When Cordelia is blinded by a witch she needs some help getting home.

Chapter Count : 1 (could be longer)

Notes : This fic is inspired by Blinded with Love by Lysa Whitmore. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind and I just had to take a wack at it.

After My Life

Fandom : The Untamed

Summary : After Wei Wuxian dies those most involved with his death are shown exactly what they’ve done and more importantly what’s going to happen next if they don’t change things.

Chapter Count : 20+

Notes : So this idea popped up after I watched Mystic Pop Up Bar and saw their afterlife and my mind wouldn’t let it go.

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