Counseling Sessions (One-Shot)

Shelly knew she was lucky having been born into a family with the wealth and connections to keep her out of prison when her life was spiraling so out of control, filled with nothing but despair and addiction. After the counseling and the mandatory rehab she knew she needed to find a way to give back, to balance the scales that her privileges had unbalanced so spectacularly so she decided to become an addictions counselor to help people the way she had been helped. At first she worked at the same rehab facility that she had been committed to before moving on after five years to her ultimate goal to help prisoners. If she hadn’t been born into her family she would have been a prisoner herself so she knew these were the people she needed to help if she wanted her conscience to be clear.

At first she tried to get work at the women’s prison, but they already had all the help they needed and she was told that the majority of the drug problem was centered around Oswald State Correctional Facility, the level four maximum security prison for men. She was hesitant at first, her family even more so, especially after the riots and all the problems the place was prone to, but she knew the truth. They weren’t afraid for her life as much as they were afraid for her sobriety, while she was working in the rehab center she had been able to maintain her structure and the program, working at Oswald would be more like going from civilization straight into the wild west. No rules, no structure, only your own conscience to guide you. It was exactly where she needed to be, because it was where she was needed the most.

Choice made, she started at Oz in the summer of 2000 ready to ring in the new millennium with a new life and everything had been fine at first. She met her clients, getting a feel for the regulars learning about all the ins and outs and dos and don’t of prison life from the guards and the other councilors. While Sister Peter Marie was still the head drug and alcohol counselor and had seniority she was designated as the alternative for people who had a problem with the religious aspect of Sister Peter Marie’s place in the system. Or just a problem with the Sister herself for whatever reason.

She met with the people who already had history with the other counselors as well. She was given cases like Vernon Schillinger and Miguel Alvarez, the people who needed help but had already burned through the other avenues open to them and were now on their last chance. Everything had been going fine, if a bit rockier than she was used to at the rehab center full of remorseful rich-y rich types. They would flirt and she would remain professionally distant, secure in the knowledge that the guard outside her door was a shout away. Then they gave her him

Simon Adebisi.

She knew she was attracted to him but she kept it professional at all times, he wasn’t overly cooperative but she knew that with time they could make progress. Then the day came when it all changed. There was another riot, a smaller one in unit B, but the rookie guard on her door was so eager to prove himself and keep order he ran off when the lockdown was called without taking Adebisi back to his cell first. He left them alone and they both knew it.

She didn’t try to stop him, didn’t ask him not to, if anything she welcomed him eagerly. He was everything she used to crave in the life she used to live. He was big, strong, confident, the kind of man who didn’t think about right or wrong because all he cared about was want and have. 

He didn’t tear her clothes or move her roughly. All he did was crowd her back against her desk and whisper one question in her ear while his strong fingers cupped her breasts. What you want girl? Oh what a question it was to, they both already knew the answer but he wanted to hear her say it. 

Every thrust of his thick cock woke a hunger in her she thought she had left behind her in rehab. A need that never really seemed to go away.

He managed to cum inside her pussy three times before the emergency ended and one of the rookie guards thought to come back and check on them. She said they were fine but if he’d made her stand up he would have seen the evidence of what she let Adebisi do to her dripping down her thighs. As he was led away back to his pod in Oz he never took his eyes off her, his smirk a knowing promise. He knew now that he’d had her she wouldn’t be able to stop, and he was right. Their every session since that day consisted of nothing but his cock in her pussy giving her everything she begged for with the guard outside her door none the wiser. 

Simon Adebisi knew he was only good at a few things, but those things he was good at were the only things that mattered. He knew how to fight, how to make money, and how to fuck. That’s all there was in life. All there was in Oz. 

When McManus came around and told everyone that there was some new counselor knocking about he ignored it at first until every swinging dick in the place started talking about how young she was. How cute. How ripe. Then he decided he had to see her for himself, and they were right to talk. She was everything he missed about the outside.

Her hair was long and curled, just the right kind to wrap around his hands to keep her in place. Her breasts were just big enough to fit in his palms for a good hard squeeze. She was little enough he could move her around on his cock like a doll. All of that and more, but what really got his attention was her eyes. They were so green it was like he couldn’t look away from her, like he could fall into her and be at peace for once. 

He tried to flirt with her when he first started going for his “sessions”, but she always found a way to bring them back to the topic of drugs and why he shouldn’t take them or why he thought he needed to take them or any one of a hundred different things. She wasn’t rejecting him like Shirley did, but she wasn’t giving in either and he knew she wanted to, he could see it in her eyes every time she looked at him. She couldn’t stop herself from looking at his chest, his cock, his ass he could feel her watching, he just needed to find his moment. There was always a first moment with any new prag, that second when the eyes of the guards couldn’t see them and that new hole was ready to be filled. Then one day like a miracle that moment came. 

The dumb fucks in Unit B started popping off like the whining babies they were and the equally dumb guard at the door ran off eager to pretend he was a man leaving him alone with his new prag. She didn’t know that was what she was now, but he would teach her her new place well enough with the time they had to themselves.

She got to her feet when he did but she made no move to try and run past him, no screaming or bargaining fell from her lips. Nothing. She wanted this, just like he knew she did, she wanted his cock and he was going to give it to her.

“What you want girl?” With any new prag it was important to show them the bitch they were, every prag was a bitch deep down even before they came into Oz and it was a good owner that showed them this. Showed them their true self.

“Please.” In any other bitches mouth this word would have been a plea for mercy, but this bitch moved closer to him, wanted him. Smiling he started to really feel her, he hadn’t had any pussy since the state started saving money by taking away their fucking rights. Now he was going to be making up for lost time, yeah.

Picking her up he sat her on her desk and spread her legs, her skirt made it easy to take her tiny little panies away so he could finally feel what he had been missing. Oh how he had missed the wet fire of a real woman. It had been so long. The tight ass of a pussy man not used to taking a cock as big as his was all well and good when it was all a man could get but nothing beat the real thing.

Taking her hand he helped her take his already hard cock out of his pants, he loved the look in her eye when she got her first touch of him. What a cock hungry slut she was, and she was all his. Spreading her legs wider he pulled her close until he could feel her pussy pushing against the head of his dick. Time to begin.

“Don’t worry prag, I give it to you good.” The first thrust was hard driving him inside her completely while she moaned her surprise in his ear. “That’s right prag, take it all. Take it and love it.”

Normally he would have been listening to his music while he broke in his new bitch, but he wanted to hear the moans this one made. Putting a hand on her shoulder he forced her down until she was laying across the desk, her back bent up towards him giving him a good view of her perfect tits.

“Maybe next time we try a good titty fuck, huh.” Oh the feel of her in his hands, on his cock, all around him. She was perfect. 

His only regret was that the hissy fit didn’t last longer, he could have fucked her more times, but what can you do? Watching her sit behind that desk, panty free while his cum pooled in her chair trying to convince the guard she was still a good little girl was the funniest thing he’d seen in weeks. 

Oh their next session would be sweet indeed.

Shelly knew it was wrong, scheduling Adebisi to be her first client of the day after what happened between them the last time but she couldn’t convince herself to change it. She had tried everything when she got home after their last session together, she went through every step and asked for roundabout advice from her sponsor and still she set herself up for what was to come. She had no illusions about what would happen when that door closed behind him, and yet she did nothing but sit and wait for him to arrive telling herself as each minute passed that this time would not be like the last. That this time she would be able to keep things professional.

She really did try, when he arrived she called him by his last name and tried to correct him when he used her first, but that didn’t last long at all.

“Oh no prag, there is no going back now. Come over here and give me what we both want, huh. I want to see those tits around my cock.” Oh the words pouring out of his mouth were sinful, they made her want to comply with his every want and need. Before she could even comprehend what she was doing she found herself standing up and moving around her desk until she was right in front of him. So close his knees brushed against her legs when he widened his stance and gave her his best smile. 

Slowly sinking to her knees she started to unbutton her blouse, she wore a simple black button down that day, perhaps deep down she had known what was going to happen and even wanted it. When she felt the cool air conditioned breeze against her bare chest she looked up at him through her lashes wondering if she could turn back even now. All she had to do was right her clothing and call for the guard. She could push his case back onto one of the other counselors with ease, but instead she found herself leaning towards him wanting to see his cock again.

It was as big as she remembered, her mouth was suddenly dry at the mesmerizing sight. Leaning closer she finally felt his hot flesh as she surrounded him with her breasts like he told her to. Slow careful movements, so the guard wouldn’t notice and turn around, had her panting at the feel of him sliding so easily against her. 

“Good girl, now lick the head, come on give it a good taste.” Closing her eyes she bent her head towards him, her lips closing around the tip of his cock. She sucked and licked him, his hands tangled in her hair making her want to scream in need. He was so powerful, and he was all hers. The power of his release came suddenly, his cum flooding her mouth and washing down her throat. She loved the taste of him.

Standing back up she didn’t bother to close her top back, she wanted his eyes on her for as long as possible, but their time was coming to a close and soon the guard would be knocking on the door to take him away again.

“You were so good today next time I’ll give that pussy another good pounding, yeah.”


When the guard led him out she let her head fall down to rest on her desk as she closed her eyes in shame Oh god. What was she going to do now?

He was called in to see McManus apparently some nosy little bitch had seen him give his prags ass a squeeze and reported him for bad behavior. If they wanted to talk bad behavior they should have seen what he’d done to her before that. She was such a hot little thing, his new bitch, panting after his cock after only a few rides. 

Today’s session had started like all the rest, with her trying to act like she was something they both knew she wasn’t. Trying to be stern and bitchy, but she changes her tune right away when he offers up his dick for her to ride. He sat in her chair and hiked up her skirt so he could watch his dick disappear into her hot pussy as she rode him hard. Her cunt felt like heaven and there was no way he was giving it up because of some stupid nonsense like this. They could try to keep him away from her, but they would fail.

Adebisi was becoming annoyed with McManus and Glenn, they kept getting in between him and Shelly. This was Oz, it was an unwritten rule to never come between a man and his prag, but just because his wasn’t an inmate they thought they could cockblock him. He had gone to McManus and told him what that hack said he saw was nothing, just a little misunderstanding but the little cocksucker was holding firm that he wasn’t allowed to see her any more. He said if he was so set on getting clean he could go to either the nun or the father for help. Yeah right. Like he would ever do something like that, those two couldn’t give him the help he wanted.

He was beginning to go mad with hunger for her when he saw her waiting near the bathrooms, she made sure to catch his eye before ducking into the mens room unseen by the guards. Oh his beautiful girl was truly a work of art. 

“Guard! I need to piss.” He was on his way to the kitchens to start his work detail for the day, and this newbie guard was already frazzled, having to keep track of so many of them and trying so hard to hide it. He would not last one week in Oz as anything but a guard.

“Make it fast Adebisi.”

“Sure thing boss.” Nodding his agreement he broke away from the group and headed for the nearest restroom. Technically inmates weren’t allowed in bathrooms outside their block without a guard with them to make sure they didn’t do anything they shouldn’t but what this newbie let slip wasn’t his problem. Not when his bitch was waiting for him.

Walking in he found her leaning against one of the stall doors, her eyes glassy with hunger, it had been days since she’d had her fill of his cock and she needed him. Pushing her inside the stall he pushed up her skirt to give himself better access and was surprised to find her pussy bare and dripping for him.

“You a bad, bad, girl huh. You miss my cock so much? Of course you did. Now be a good girl and open up for me yeah.” Bracing one of her legs against the opposite wall he lined himself up and pushed himself into her as deep as he could reach at this angle. The sound of her moans music in his ears. “That’s right, take me deep. Moan for me.”

Each thrust forced another moan from her lips, praise for his size and his skill whispered against his skin in worship. Her nails dug into his arms as she tried to hold herself up, the walls of her pussy tightening around him milking him into release.

Smiling he trailed his finger across her bloody bitten lips, she was such a good girl for him.

“Find a reason to go to the supply closet off Em City tomorrow and we’ll have even more fun yeah.”


Walking out of the stall he looked back wanting to burn this in his memory for as long as possible. There she was clothes rumpled and pulled open, his cum slick against her skin, her bottom lip bloodied and ragged from holding back her moans. 

His bitch.

Shelly knew she should stop, this wasn’t like it had been in the beginning where they would meet in her office and fuck behind closed doors with no worry beyond the guard possibly turning the wrong way and seeing them together. This was out in the open where anyone, staff or inmate could find them and ruin everything. If word of what she was doing got out everything in her life would be taken away. Her family would throw her back into rehab or maybe a psych ward, she would lose her job, her reputation, everything. She should stop.

But every time he came to her with that swagger she was helpless to pull away. Something about him was hypnotizing in his animal magnetism, he just pulled her in without even trying. Ducking into the supply closet was easy, it wasn’t heavily patrolled though even she knew the majority of deaths happened in this room just for that reason.

“I thought you wasn’t coming prag. I was worried. How you gonna make that up to me? Huh?” Startled by the voice behind her she had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming in fright. She hadn’t seen him come in and his voice coming from the dark was enough to make her jump. “Scared?”

Silently she nodded, she was scared and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it. It could have been anyone coming out of the dark.

“Don’t worry Shelly, I keep you safe in Oz.” Surprisingly she believed him. She was his and if there was one thing she learned about Simon Adebisi during their sessions at the beginning when he would at least go through the motions of the program it was that he didn’t share with others. Ever. 

On impulse she rose up on the tips of her toes and kissed him. Nothing filthy or obscene, not even any tongue, just a chaste kiss. A promise. Of what she had no idea but it was a promise all the same and they both knew it. Her actions seemed to shake him for a minute, he froze against her his eyes searching hers before he smiled that same devil may care smile he always graced her with. 

“No more of that prag, you got some fucking to do for me.” Yes, yes she did. Undoing the single knot that held her wrap dress around her naked body she watched his eyes widen and fill with unholy glee as he took in his prize. 

Opening her mouth she brought them nearly full circle from the beginning and finally dived in with both feet asking him the only real question between them. “What do you want?”

Rather than answer her in words he smirked before pushing her up against the bare wall behind her. His hands were strong as he lifted her up her back scraping against the uneven plaster until she was lined up perfectly for him to take. 

The first push in always burned. He was just so big he stretched her more than anyone else ever had before. She thought about telling him, but guys were strange about that kind of thing. While they loved to know they were the biggest they hated to think about other guys being where they were. The next thrust drove every thought from her brain and the one after that showed her heaven. Soon all she was capable of was moaning and begging. 

Please! She needed him. She didn’t know what she would do without him and the idea of having to find out made her want to keene in agony. Holding him to her she silently begged for more time, what they were doing couldn’t last forever they both knew that but just one more day was all she needed. Just one more time.


Adebisi was doing the inventory in the kitchen stores taking note of what they were running low on so the next delivery could be ordered. It was slow mindless work but at least it was work he was allowed to do alone while the rest of the grunts were left scrubbing up the pots and pans from dinner. His clipboard was on the table behind him, it was usually out in the public area but inventory day had it brought back to him so he could set aside anything that was past its date or just unsafe to eat. After shift someone would look over what he’d pulled and determine what to do with it all. Normally they just said to cook it up the next day, no waste, it was fucking criminal the things they forced them to eat in here. Hearing the slide of his clipboard across the table he turned, a heavy can in his hand prepared for a fight. That Italian bastard son of Schibetta had been trying to muscle his way back into the kitchens ever since he arrived.

Instead of an attack he found his prag. Sitting on the table, shoes off, skirt riding up her thighs. Oh she was panting for a good dicking. It had been over a week since he’d been able to find some time for her and it showed in her glassy eyes.

All he had to do was smirk for her to unbutton the few buttons that held her shirt closed over her pretty tits flashing him the best sight a man could see in Oz and raising his brows had her hopping off the table and draping herself over it, her naughty hands pulling her clothes out of the way giving him the perfect view of her dripping cunny. Oh she was truly perfect for him. One step and he was in the perfect position to give her what they both wanted.

The first slide in was heaven she was so wet and ready for him, the wait for this moment driving her wild. 

He was just finding his rhythm when he heard a noise off to the side, wondering if it was another guard out to ruin his fun, he looked over and found Kenny staring at his prag with his hand down his pants. Oh the balls on this boy, looking so hungrily at something that wasn’t his to see. 

There were several ways he could play this, he could ignore him for now and deal with him after he was done fucking his bitch. He could order him away, though the noise might alert the guard outside that there was something going on in here and no one wanted that. 

He had a better idea, no one could say he wasn’t a generous man after all.

Pulling her up from the table he pushed her up against the cage doors pressing her tight against the metal as he lined himself up to fuck her pussy some more. Never taking his eyes off Kenny as he slammed his dick into its favorite hole he raised his brows and smirked knowing exactly what the boy would do, and he wasn’t disappointed. 

Hearing a soft squeal of surprise he smiled letting Kenny play with her nipples. Her breasts were pressed so tight against the cage it was easy for him to reach her. His bitch had learned many things since becoming his, but this lesson was the last. She was his, and his desire was all that mattered. If he wanted to keep her to himself he would, and if he wanted to share her he would. She had no say and all she could do was take it, and take it she did. Her panting moans so loud he could hear them over the slap of flesh and clank of metal as he thrust harder into her cunt. 

His release came not long after, but what followed was something he hadn’t expected. Kenny had whipped out his little dick and cum all over his prag through the cage. She was filled with his spunk and covered in the boys, there had never been a greater lesson between them. Pulling back he watched her slowly sink to the floor until she was curled in on herself, her hands seeking to cover her now sticky breasts from sight. 

“Meet me in the library is two days prag and you’ll get your next fix. Yeah.”

“Yeah.” Even through the tears there was no hesitation from her. She was glorious.

Everyone knew Adebisi wasn’t much for books but he knew there was more than books to be found in the little library. There was a small alcove off to the side of the main room, it must have been some kind of storage area or something in the past, maybe a supply closet that had its door removed or something. Whatever it used to be it was a perfect place to fuck in Oz. Most of the time it was the Hacks using it to get down and dirty with an inmate without one of their co-workers catching a peek, but he knew the guard on duty for today was one of those squeaky clean newbie’s so it would be empty and waiting for him and his bitch to make good use of it. 

After their fun in the kitchen together he made sure to remind little Kenny who was in charge. It was a long night for the boy in their shared cell, but today was a new day and his cock was hard and aching for his true bitch to come along and suck him dry.

When he’d first started with the bitch he’d never thought they would be able to go for this long. Usually by now something or other would have stepped in to stop their fun. He was truly blessed by the Gods. The sound of her soft walk across the carpet had a smile stretching across his lips, she really couldn’t stay away from him for long.

“On your knees prag.” He usually had her pussy, mouths were easy to come by in Oz but a true cunt was harder to find, but today all he wanted to do was see her on her knees worshiping him. Turning around he found her already kneeling on the carpet, her teary eyes already devouring his hard cock through his shorts. “Don’t be shy bitch, take what you come for yeah.”

“Yeah.” Her voice was breathless as she reached for him, her hands trembling and soft against him. The sight of her lips locked around the head of his cock was enough to make him want to shoot his load down his throat already. Life was good to him, yeah.

Shelly was going mad, it had been more than a week since she’d been able to meet up with Simon, he’d gotten into trouble for mouthing off to a guard and been tossed in the hole for a minimum of two weeks. She was becoming listless and people were beginning to notice the change in her attitude, though thankfully no one had managed to work out the cause of it just yet. Though she knew given the time and inclination one of them would, they were all trained observers and had the ability to add two and two together and eventually come up with the right answer.

To try and pull herself out of the fog she went back to the supply closet she would meet him in to try and get her fix in a different way, maybe standing here would help her get her act together enough to wait for him. She was just getting into her memories of the last time she was pushed up against these shelves when she was pushed against them for real.

“Hey look, it’s Adebisi’s bitch.” It was the boy from the kitchens, he wasn’t looking like a boy at the moment. Right then he and his two friends were all convict. She wanted to scream to call out to the guards for help, but then she would have to explain what she was doing here. Alone. She couldn’t do that, it would ruin everything.

“Did I tell you boys about how I first saw this whore?” He was posturing right now, this could be her only opening but she didn’t know what to do. If she tried to run they would catch her, if she tried to fight it would draw too much attention. Begging wasn’t an option, it wouldn’t help at all. She was frozen with indecision.

Feeling a hand on her side she looked down to see one of them had a tight grip on her, like they thought she might run too.

“Yeah, I spanked it to that story for weeks. I think I want more than just talk now though, you think she could take all three of us?” She closed her eyes, she didn’t want this, this wasn’t why she had come here. She wanted Adebisi not these boys.

“Sure she can Poet, what I seen of this one she can probably take every dick in Oz.” 

With her eyes still closed she felt them all start tugging at her clothes, they were being careful not to rip anything they didn’t want to get caught anymore than she did. The feel of their calloused and small hands against her skin made her sick, this wasn’t right, they weren’t right.

“How you wanna do this?” At first she thought they were talking to her, but they weren’t. She wasn’t even there for them.

“Take turns I figure, Junior go watch the door we’ll call you back when it’s your turn. Man it’s been too damn long since I had some real pussy.” She waited for the sharp burn but it wouldn’t match the burn of her eyes while she held the tears back.

Adebisi was finally out of the fucking hole, sometimes he thought the guards put people in that hellish place just to make themselves feel better about their powerless lives. He hadn’t done nothing but respond to the fucker whining about the way he wore his clothes and the next thing he knew he was naked and being tossed in that stupid fucking room to think about his attitude.


His attitude was just fine. Coming into his pod he found Kenny sprawled out on the bunks grinning like a jackass.

“What you grinning ‘bout?” If something had happened while he was on lockdown that he needed to know about it was best to find out now. Things moved fast in OZ and being out of the loop could be deadly.

“Adebisi man, your bitch was all kinds of tight. She took me, Poet, and Junior. We found her in the supply closet and man she was-” The stupid bitch didn’t get any more words out with a hand around his throat.

“You fucked my bitch when I wasn’t around to give you permission? What the fuck made you think you could do that? Have I ever let any of the swinging dicks on this block have your ass without my say? No! So what made you think you could take her?” This little fucking bitch and his two hangers on were getting a bit too big in their own minds. It was time to pull him back down to earth.

Pulling him half out of the bunk he got in on his knees, his chest still flat against the mattress. His prag was starting to think he was a man. It was time to remind him that he was nothing but a bitch. 

The initial push in was tight, he had been neglecting his bunkmate for greener pastures lately. It wasn’t the fucking he wanted but it would do for now. He set his pace to punish, this bitch needed a reminder and this would be one he would feel for days. 

“I’m sorry!”

“Shut up! I don’t wanna hear you prag.” Like an apology would make this right? Was he stupid? No one touched one of his bitches without coming to him first. No one!

He would have to think up something special for his two little friends, they worked in the kitchen with them so it would be easy to corner them and give them their own reminders. He didn’t fancy fucking either of them they weren’t his type, he might have to contract out for that part, maybe a good gangbang would be enough to remind them of their place in life at the bottom of the heap. 

Sister Peter Marie was not one to speak ill of a colleague or participate in idle gossip, but when Shelly Richards had started at Oz Glenn had asked her to keep a bit of a watchful eye on the girl. She was a recovering addict and while many such people came here and had little to no problems adjusting to the pace and energy of prison, some got swept up in it a little too far and lost themselves and their sobriety in the shuffle. She had been keeping a weathered eye on the younger woman and she had to admit that what she saw was troubling to say the least. 

At first she had seemed to be doing well, her patients were hard to get through to but she stayed calm without being a pushover. Tough but caring seemed to be her method of choice and it was one she applauded, and it seemed to be working with some of them though they all knew some only came to the sessions as a way to break up the boredom of the day with no intention of ever following through with the idea of getting clean and sober. Then somewhere it had all taken a bit of a turn for her. 

Adebisi, a truly imposing inmate who gave all of them pause even if they wouldn’t admit it had been reported by one of the guards for inappropriate behavior during their sessions, something she said wasn’t anything more than what random men on the street were prone to do and that she was ignoring it to try and help him. Though her claims were valid, there were many concessions made in Oz when it came to polite behavior, something about them simply didn’t ring true for her. 

There was something there, she just couldn’t see it from this distance and she couldn’t get closer without drawing too much of the wrong attention. So instead she went to Glenn and told him what she knew to be true, Shelly Richards was not adjusting well to Oz. She had dark circles under her eyes from lack of rest. She was jumpy and her attitude had taken a bit of a dive in recent weeks going from genial and professional to snappish and sarcastic. It was her opinion that Shelly would do better counseling people who were of a less violent disposition. While the womens’ prison wasn’t looking for any new staff there were some openings at some of the lower security prisons and she felt the girl would do well with a transfer. 

She would be sad to see her go, she truly was a bright girl, but it would be for the best.

Adebisi used to scoff at visiting days, he had never seen the point of sitting at some table in a room full of other inmates to talk to someone he probably didn’t give a shit about, but that was before. 

Shelly came to see him every visiting day since she got booted from Oz, sitting at the little tables with the guards keeping watch, but that didn’t mean he was powerless to get his dick hard. Oh no, his girl knew him well and was so good to him she flashed those titties to him without him having to ask her a thing, rubbed up against him every opportunity so he could feel her soft skin against him. Her voice was low and husky when she leaned in against him; she talked about what he could do to her when he got out of Oz. About her apartment with its big soft bed and the leather straps attached to the headboard just waiting for him to tie her down and use her up, her hand down his pants the whole time pumping his cock until he covered it with his cum. After she got him off she would use those same naughty fingers inside her bare pussy telling him all about how she missed the feel of him inside her.

They both knew he was never getting out, he was convicted of a violent felony which meant he was here until he died, but that didn’t stop her from telling him all her fantasies about them together on the outside and about how they didn’t put anything in her file about why she left Oz so when the nosy nun and the good Warden leave their posts she would get her job back and let him have her every day. 

He couldn’t wait.