Progress Update Sep 1, 2020

Story Updates

Dog Days – Chapter 6 is about 85% done but I’m having trouble sticking the landing, it could go one of two ways and I’m seriously considering eeny, meeny, miny, moe as a tie breaker here. Well whatever I decide it should be up by Friday (Saturday at the latest).

Soulless – Chapter 20 (Final Chapter!) is about 10% done it was farther along but then I decided to switch up the order a bit and so I had to do some heavy edits where I had to change what had already happened and who knew what when and all that fun stuff. This will most likely be put on by Monday at the latest.

Long Road Home – The next chapter for this fic is about 15% written but it’s flowing fairly well now that I’ve found the rhythm so I’ll probably have it done and up by the middle of next week.

Revenge is a Klaus Specialty – I am planning out the re-write right now for this one, I have decided on all the new tortures and things I want to make it a bit darker than it became the first time around. I am a little stuck though on what to do about Caroline if I keep her as a passive observer and go ahead with the sequel idea or if I do something else with her entirely. I probably won’t start posting this for at least a week, but it is in the works.

One More Night – I am re-writing One More Night right now and I have edited the first 3 chapters, I haven’t started posting them yet because I found some problems and inconsistencies and I want to make sure I get everything straight before I start posting the new and improved version. I should be able to start posting them next week.

Many Worlds Theory – I have one story done so far in this Shenny One-shots series, it’s going to be nothing but AU one-shots in this one not to be confused with the By Your Side which will be a one-shots series of fix it’s for this fandom. I’ll start posting this series probably the day after I finish Long Road Home.

Counseling Sessions – This is a one-shot in the Oz fandom and it’s going to be a long one. Normally if something grew to the length this one is looking to get to I would chop it up into chapters but this doesn’t seem to have any natural break points where I could do that without cutting things in the middle of everything so it’ll be one of those looooong one-shots by the time it’s done. It’s about 45% written now but completely planned out.

None So Blind – My Angel/Cordelia one-shot in the BtVS Era is complete and will be posted the day after I post the final chapter of Soulless.

Site Maintenance

I have uploaded the film recs pages for both the 1980’s and the 1990’s leaving only the early 2000’s and 2010’s left to finish.

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