Progress Update Aug 18, 2020

Story Updates

Soulless – The final chapter has been started, it’s only about 5% done at the moment but I have it mapped out so you should see it soon-ish. I can’t believe I’m actually finishing it. The next story in this series is about 8 – 10 chapters long and is a bit of an in between fic. If this fic took place in season 2 then the next one will take place during that time that Buffy was in L.A before coming back to Sunnydale. Then the story after it will deal with Season 3.

None So Blind – This fic is done it just needs to be edited then it will be posted the day after I post the final chapter for Soulless.

Dog Days – Chapter 6 is mapped out but not started yet so that will take a few days.

Long Road Home – Next chapter for this one is 10% done and is just trudging along.

Re-writes – I am currently re-writing Revenge is a Klaus Specialty, after reading it to try and edit it I decided it didn’t come together the way I wanted it to so I’m giving it another try. I should start posting the newly fleshed out and re-ordered chapters early next week at the latest.

Site Maintenance

Show Recs – I have finished posting the TV Show Recs (I added categories for Game Shows, Crime Shows, and Other). So that’s finished and I’ll just maintain them as I go along maybe update once a month or something like that.

Film Recs – For the film category I still have to post from the `80’s onwards. That might take a minute I have a lot of films for each decade moving forward.

Rampant Plot Bunnies – I moved this page putting it under List of Stories with the Previews Page. It seemed lonely on its own, so I gave it a home.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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