Happy New Year

So this has been a hectic year to say the least but I still managed to do a lot that I was planning to do (though not everything). My year in review looks like 9 completed fics, 7 work in progress (though really 5 since 2 are one-shot series that don’t really have a definite ending), and 4 videos. I think that’s pretty good for a year of work. 

Looking forward beyond the fics I still need to finish which are Life Plans (TVD, 3 chapters left), My Girl (Lost Girl), The Summoning (Anita Blake/BtVS), Family Business (Bones), and Deal Me In (Supernatural) is hopefully going to go a little something like this.

The Whole Truth – (Justified, Boyd/Raylan) – When Ava decided enough was enough and tried to leave her husband she didn’t think things would go like they did. Now she just has to do her best to get through to the other side by swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help her God.

My Lady, My Lord – (Game of Thrones, OC/Tyrion) – Tyrion Lannister was never supposed to wed, let alone tie his life to someone like Janyse Tully. Now that they are bound together though life is going to change for everyone around them.

The Way to My Heart – (Game of Thrones, OC/Jaime) – Jaime just needed a break from life and all the expectations heaped upon him. Who knew that a day spent hiding in the kitchens could change the course of his whole life.

Think Again – (The Vampire Diaries, Kol/Davina) – Kol had lost everything that ever mattered to him and he would not stand for it. He was a wily old fox and nothing and no one would stand in his way now that he had something to fight for. 

I will also be continuing with some of my series. Light My Way (3rd story in the Soul Series); Dog Fight (Final story in the Howling Series); and others if I have the time/inclination. 

So that is 2021 in review and 2022 in wishful thinking. 

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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