Progress Update 21 November 2021

Hello all! Sorry for disappearing but between rough weather and power outages, real life responsibilities and the holiday season starting to kick off I haven’t had the time to sit down and really post. I have been working though on my fics so here’s a bit of a look at what’s coming up when I have a minute to breathe.

Life Plans – I have been working on this fic the most trying to get it done before the end of the year. I have 3 chapters of it written leaving 4 chapters still to be done. I need to proof read and edit them still but they are complete so should be posted starting this coming Saturday.

In the End – My first Blood and Chocolate/Charlie Countryman Crossover Fic. It is complete and needs to be edited but I have managed to make the place for it at least in the crossovers section. It is a one-shot but I love it.

Beyond that I have 4 chapters of my Justified Fic written (The Whole Truth) and have been sucked down the rabbit hole of the Game of Thrones fandom as well. I have one fic for them that is a Tyrion/OC (My Lady, My Lord) and one that is a Jaime/OC (Untitled) and one that has at least one of their Gods coming down to give them all a stern talking to for messing things up so bad (Stranger at my Door). I have a two part series planned for Kol (TVD Era leading into Originals) that focuses on him and Davina, but that hasn’t gotten past the planning stage yet.

So that’s what I’ve been up to and I hope to get some of this out and posted soon, I just have to edit it all first now that the lights are back on.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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