What I’m Up To

I couldn’t find a way to do what I wanted to on this site so instead I’ve found a work around. I wanted to find a way to turn the recs pages into posts instead of one page each that I had to continue editing and then it would get longer and longer. I couldn’t do that so instead I’m moving all the recs over to my tumblr instead. It was already a bit of a recs library (in fact that was what I called it) now I’m just expanding it so pages will start to disappear from here once they’re all transposed over to the other site. It still isn’t exactly what I want but I can work with it easier over there.

If you would like to see it (it’s still in progress so be warned) it’s here

I’ve already moved over the Foreign Films list and the Before 1930 page, I’ll be working on them over the next few days since it’s mindless work so I can do it even after a long day that’s turned my brain to mush.

I’m slowly working on my fics again but I won’t be mentioning that too much until I have a bit more than a few new sentences to show for my efforts.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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