Progress Update July 15, 2020

I didn’t get much done this week I got pulled back into the Oz fandom, I binged the entire 6 seasons in like 3 days.

Story Updates – 

Dog Wild Chapter 6 – This chapter is about 90% done, I have one more scene I have to finish but Lauren is not cooperating with me at all. 

Soulless Chapter 18 – I haven’t really been working on this one this week so it’s still at about 15% done. I got sucked into the one-shot I have planned for this fandom. 

Long Road Home Chapter 2 – This chapter is about 90% done, I still have one scene left to finish and then I have to edit it so this should be up by next week.

None so Blind – This fic is about 65% done, it took me a minute to work out how Angel would meet Cordelia since this early in the show Angel wasn’t exactly coming to the library. I think I worked it out so this fic should be up by sometime next week. 

Quality Time – This fic is hovering at about 15% done, I have it mapped out I just have to get in the right mood to finish it since it’s going in a bit of a dark direction and I have to be in the right frame of mind to do it right.

Breaking In – After mapping this entire story out I decided to turn it into a long one-shot instead of a chapter fic. None of the chapters I had planned were really long enough to be worth being done individually so as it stands it’s about 20% done and should be up sometime next week. 

Other Updates – I have added better (read any) Tags to the stories. This adds all the warnings I have for the stories on AO3 so that you can decide for yourselves better if a story is meant for you before you start reading something.

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