Quick Update 3 Feb 2021

The last chapter of Long Road Home was post earlier today. The next story in the series won’t start posting for a while but that one will focus more on the Daina/Godric relationship and the Daina & Jason familial bond. Sookie and Eric will be involved and Daina will be continuing her campaign to be rid of Bill but they won’t be as center staged.

I have finished re-writing Consequences of Reason (Once Upon a Time) and it now has four chapters and I’ll start posting those tomorrow or maybe even later today if I can finish the last read through to make sure I didn’t miss anything by then.

I have started the re-write of Angel’s Destiny and should be done with it by the end of this week and will start posting the updated version by Monday at the latest. Not much will change for the majority of it other than expanding it a bit but the last two chapters will be completely different since I decided I needed a different ending before I started the next fic in that series.

Soulless was also completed recently and I am working on the next story in that series and should start posting that one soon as well. It’s honestly just a group on one-shot type chapters that show where everyone is after the events of the first story and introduce some of the new characters of Season 3.

That will leave me with 8 in progress stories to finish (not counting the one-shot series fics that don’t really have an end date attached to them). Of those 8 I’ll be working on finishing Future with Me (3 chapters left), Dog Days (4 chapters left), and Forever Yours (4 chapters left). I’ll also begin the re-write/finishing process for My Girl (12 total chapters 2 already posted but due for editing) and Life Plans (9 total chapters 2 already posted but due for editing).

I won’t be working on Deal Me In, The Summoning, or Family Business for a while because I need to do a bit more work on them than the others so they are being saved for last since they will take longer.

Other site news – I added a couple Korean Dramas to my Foreign TV Shows Rec Page.

That’s all for now, hope this shines some light from the end of some loooong tunnels on a few of my works.

Update Jan 29, 2021

So I was without power for a week and then without internet for another week beyond that but I’m back baby!

So far I’ve finished the editing of Only One (Vampire Diaries) and Another World (True Blood) so all the completed fics are edited now.

I haven’t uploaded anything else yet I have to edit things first but there should be something else up by tomorrow.

Update Jan 13, 2021

So I huge storm swept through my part of the world and now I will have no power for at least a week. I can’t tell you how I feel about that (I’m told that kind of language is frowned upon). I still have access to my computer (off and on) but no internet so I’ll try to work on some of my stories over the week real life issues permitting and see if I can upload some things next week. If my sanity holds long enough.

See you soon(ish). I hope.

Progress Update Dec 29, 2020

So far since the last update all I have managed to do is finish editing What About Now (True Blood), most of the story stayed the same though I did pepper in some references to Barry the Telepathic Bellboy and the last half of the second to last chapter did get the most overhaul.

I will admit I got distracted not only by Christmas but also by starting a few new shows (mainly Tale of the Nine Tailed) and I have been more focused on those than writing.

I plan to focus on Soulless and Long Road Home since both only have a final chapter left and hope to have them out sometime later this week. Beyond that I have begun editing Another World (True Blood) and once that’s done (it only has 7 chapters) I will finish out the editing with Only One (Vampire Diaries) ending that part of the journey.

Progess Update Dec 22, 2020

So I have updated some of things and here is a comprehensive list, I’ll have some new stories up either later today or more likely tomorrow but here’s a little something to look at.

Fic Recs Update – NCIS (1), Harry Potter (8), Comics (2), Star Trek (5)

My Videos Update – I added the actual vids themselves (since I upgraded and can now do that), feel free to take a look.

Previews Page – I have one new story added here for the Untamed fandom.

As for stories, I’m working on them but the wording doesn’t seem to be working for me plus I will admit I keep getting distracted by TV Shows and other things I want to watch/read. I make no apologies I told everyone from the beginning my brain is run by an easily distracted squirrel who will randomly chase every shiny object it sees.

Progress Update Dec 15, 2020

I am currently working on the last chapters for Long Road Home and Soulless but both are very long so probably won’t be up this week.

Nearly done with 3 new one-shots, those should be up by the end of this week (but given it’s so close to christmas I make zero promises on anything).

The next chapters for Dog Days and Forever Yours are mapped out but not started yet though I should be able to start them soon.

I am currently editing What About Now, and after I finish that one I still have to get through Only One and Another world before the editing bit will be done.

I’ll be posting a few new entries on the Story Previews Page either today or tomorrow and I’ll be posting a few new Fic Rec Pages sometime this week as well.