Progress Update

I updated the PDF list to include four more completed stories : Dog Days, Summer Schooling, In the End, and Good Night so the list is up to date again.

I am working on the next chapter for The Whole Truth and it’s about halfway done but I’m having trouble getting Boyd right when he’d interacting with anyone but Raylan, it’s coming together but it’s slow moving

I’m nearly done with the next Chapter for Life Plans but I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner where I can go one of two ways and which way I go will affect the rest of the series so I need a minute to really think it through.

I should have about 3 Chapters for Many Worlds Theory up soon since those ideas all decided to spring to life at the same time.

The Cutting Room Floor is being a bit stubborn about a few things I want to write for it and the next fic in the series tentatively titled Southern Comfort but my OC is snubbing me for the moment so that one is a bit stagnant at the moment. I’m hoping if I give it some space that will work but we’ll see.

The next Story for my Cordelia/Angelus series is now in the rotation for at least a planning session it’s titled So Comes the Darkness and I’ve latched onto it hard so that should start being uploaded sometime this month.

Beyond that I’ve been caught up in the game of thrones fandom and am working on an outline for my first fic into there but I’m not sure when I’ll actually start writing it the research alone is a bit of a bear to contend with.

So that’s where I am for now.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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