Progress Update 30 Sept. 2021

Alright I am taking another break, it seems to work well for me. I will be back in a week or two but before I go here is a list of what I’m working on while I’m away.

Dog Days – I have 2 chapters left of this fic and when I come back I should be done with them and ready to post.

One-shots – In the End (the necessary death of Charlie Countryman/Blood and Chocolate); Counseling Sessions (OZ);

Once those are done I will be moving on to work on some of the other fics that I have to finish. Most Likely starting with Life Plans and My Girl, but who knows.

My Girl (Lost Girl; Kenzi/Vex) 10 chapters

Life Plans (The Vampire Diaries; Caroline/Klaus) 7 chapters

Family Business (Bones; Bones/Booth) 4 chapters (I’m doing this fic in 7 chapter chunks)

The Summoning (Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) re-write in progress

Deal Me In (Supernatural; Dean/Castiel) re-write in progress

I am also deep diving into Game of Thrones (Tyrion/OC); A new TVD fic centered on Kol; trying to finish my Justified fic; and looking at some of the sequels I still have to write.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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