Progress Update 1 Sept 2021

Wow! Almost two straight weeks of daily posting and I am DONE. I am taking a small break to work on some stuff I haven’t posted yet because I am starting to feel like I’m getting stuck. I have finished 6 stories so far this year and I have (not counting the one-shot series) 6 WIP’s left. Halfway there! Halfway there! I reached 500K words recently and over all I am feeling very accomplished now I need to take a minute so I can hopefully keep the momentum up.

What I will be working on is as follows…

Life or Something Like It – I honestly don’t know if anyone would be interested in this one but I (semi)recently got a subscription to HBOMAX and have been re-watching some of the shows I used to love or in this case ones I never finished. I started to re-watch Sex and the City and I got so angry just in the first two episodes that I needed to vent my feelings down on paper. Or well word docs. This will be a series of episode based one-shots tackling each scene I HATED for whatever reason and having a main or side character state some cold hard facts (usually to Carrie who I openly loathe and who will be greatly maligned by this entire series). It might not work out I might start writing it and decide it’s too preachy or rant-y and it will never see the light of day for the good of all humanity but I will be trying my hand at it.

The Whole Truth – My Justified Raylan/Boyd AU fic has 3 chapters already done and I want to try and focus on it a bit to see if I can find its ending and post it.

Beyond that I think I might just pick a fic at random from my pile of unposted in progress ones and go from there. Who knows I might just work on a sequel to something I’ve already posted just so long as there isn’t a chapter already up it works for me. This little posting haitus shouldn’t be overly long maybe two weeks but I don’t want to kill my muse when she’s been so active lately by pressuring her to work on something she’s just not into right now. I tried for days to finish the next chapter for Dog Days just for her to tell me to go away before I harsh her buzz.

Bye for now. See you soon.

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