Progress Update 22 Aug 2021

HELLO! I have been hard at work, or at least I’ve been unusually inspired lately and I’m making it work for me. So here’s how things are going for me writing wise at the moment.

Angel’s Destiny is completely re-written and just being posted at this point a chapter a day. It’ll still be 10 chapters long and should come in around 30K or so. I loved re-working the whole concept and getting it more in line with the new idea I have for a sequel. The Sequel itself won’t be posted for a while I just have a lot of other things to do so it like a lot of others is just something I’m working on a little at a time here and there.

Next I am working on Future with Me (holds for gasps of amazement) and it’s coming along nicely. I will be editing chapter 6 which was the last chapter posted for it before it went on a loooong hiatus. I am moving some things around and just re-working it a bit, the core of what happened will stay the same but after re-reading it to get my rhythm back I realized that somewhere along the way my train of thought lost its logic and I actively contradicted myself in that chapter. That will be fixed when I start posting it in the next few days. I’ve got about 2K written for chapter 7 and it’s shaping up and I even moved something from chapter 6 to chapter 8 so I have at least a marginal start on that one. This fic will come in at 9 chapters so I should be able to finish it if my momentum holds by the end of this coming week.

After that I will be moving on to Dog Days in earnest. I don’t know what it is about the current chapter of that fic I’m trying to write, there’s just something wrong with it. It’s not flowing right so I’m going to scrap what I already have written and go back to the drawing board. I’ll re-read chapter 6 and see what flows for me from there. I seem to be writing easier like that right now anyway.

I don’t have anything for my two one-shot series at the moment, but I am working a bit on the next in the Daina Stackhouse actual series. There’s a phrase stuck in my head that I was going to make the center of a one-shot for her but it just doesn’t fit there. This one is something she could actually say in any given situation so I’m going to work on putting it in the next story so it’ll leave my brain in peace.

Other than that I’m still working on my first Justified fic that keeps flowing and is getting longer by the day.

The End thank goodness, if I had any more balls in the air I would go insane. After I finish with DD and FwM I’ll be moving on to Life Plans and My Girl. Wish me Luck. I’m going to need it, but hey at least my list of WIP fics is getting shorter and shorter. I currently stand at 22 finished and 9 WIP and by the end of next week that number will hopefully change again.

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