Progress Update 1 Aug 2021

So we’re moving into a new month and I’m feeling at least a little accomplished about what I did in July. I finished Forever Yours and posted a new video hurray completion. Let’s see if I can do better in August.

So far I’ve started working on the sequel to Soulless that I’m tentatively titling Summertime Sadness though that might change. I have chapter 1 90% complete and then I still need to edit it and make a chapter pic and a banner pic and so on. It looks like that story is going to come in at about 12 chapters at the moment but I still haven’t been able to properly outline to know for sure. I won’t be posting anything for it until it’s complete because it’s another story where I keep changing my mind and going back to edit things for.

The Justified fic I started entitled The Whole Truth is nearly complete and will then also go through editing and the like but it should be at least starting to post by the end of August.

Next on my list of existing stories to work on is Dog Days and editing/reworking Angel’s Destiny both shouldn’t honestly take too long to get through, but we’ll see. DD has about 4 chapters left and AD is mostly just editing and expanding on chapters for the first 8 then a serious rewrite of the last 2/3 chapters in the story. After I finish one of them (most likely AD if I’m honest) then I’ll move on to Life Plans.

Beyond that I’m kind of just going where my fickle muse drags me.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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