Update 9 July 2021

So my brain has decided to turn against me in a way that even I didn’t see coming.

To start with there was the Justified rabbit hole I fell down and am still currently enjoying. Boyd Crowder has to be the most interesting criminal I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Then it decided against all forms of logic that I needed to read fic for Game of Thrones (even though I’ve only watched the first two seasons and own but haven’t read the books). Then it decided I should WRITE fic for GOT with the same amount information. I have three (3) fics in the pipeline for this fandom juggernaut two centering around Tyrion and one around Ramsay Snow because he’s what I need running around in my brain.

Then just to be cute my brain also said to hell with the way I normally write and decided that outlining and planning is not for me (not anymore we need some adventure in life). So that’s where I stand now. In hell.

Beyond that I’m still working on my in-progress fics though it’s a slow process since I keep getting distracted. See you soon I hope.

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