Update 30 June 2021

Just a quick check in. Where I live was part of a massive heat wave that came up out of nowhere and I didn’t want to move let alone type at a computer for several day. It was insane at one point the temp rose to nearly 120F (48C if google can be believed) in a part of the country that normally doesn’t rise far above 80F on its hottest day. Which unfortunately meant no AC for us and we all got to melt like the freaking wicked witch for days. It’s starting to go back to normal now (I hope) so I should be able to continue on with things soon. That said here’s what I did get up to in the early hours of the day when the weather was at least a few degrees shy of hellish.

The Whole Truth – The Justified fic I have been possessed to right is coming along. I am currently on chapter 3 (sitting at roughly 10K) and it’s starting to shape up. Normally I would have posted something by now for it but I’m flying blind at the moment with no outline to speak of so I’ve been just writing and then going back to the previous chapters to fix any continuity errors that pop up as I go. I’ve bounced back and forth over the amount of people in the room four times now and I’m still not sure if I like where I’ve landed yet. So this one will have to wait until it’s actually complete before I start posting it but I actually really like it so far. Honestly at the pace I’m going with it that shouldn’t be too long anyway.

I have finished a chapter each for Cutting Room Floor and The Many World’s Theory, though I won’t post them until I have a chance to review them without sleep deprivation or heat stroke getting in the way of my critical thinking skills. Those should be up later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Beyond that there’s been no movement on the stories front. I have however added a new feature to the site. I have added a PDF page where you can find my completed works. I still have 9 stories left to add to the page put that shouldn’t take me long at all. To get there you can either look under the List of Stories tab or click this link. Please let me know if there’s any mistakes I’ve never made PDF’s of my stories before and I just winged it.

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