Update 23 June 2021

Okay so I did start writing again, I SWEAR I did. But while I was writing I decided to finish watching/re-watch an old favorite show of mine Justified. I fell off the fandom wagon as other things took priority for me before it finished airing and since it is on Hulu I figured I would give it another shot and hopefully finish it this time. I couldn’t remember shipping anyone in particular on this show and thought there was no way it could add to my already incomprehensibly long list of stories and pairings I want to create for. Then in happened in season 2 episode 7 when talking about the pair I only saw as friends the dreaded words were said by a there and gone again one off character.

Sounds like a love story. How dare you! Now I can’t unsee it that way. My poor shipper brain exploded and I started writing furiously on a fic that hadn’t even been conceived of yet when I last posted anything. I hate when that happens to me. I have a list I try to stick to it then my muse decides she wants to do a little window shopping and next thing I know I have a mile long list of other peoples fics to read and a just as long but also vaguer list of ones I want to maybe possibly one day try my hand at writing.

So I am writing it’s just in the wrong direction. Hopefully if I just ride this wave out I’ll have sOMetHiNG to show for it at the end that I can then show all of you.

Wish me luck.

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