Update 12 June 2021

I’ve finally started writing again! Yay! I’m sorry about the long time off but work took everything out of me for a while and once that crazy-ness was over I just wanted to relax and let my brain re-solidify after it had been turned to mush for so long. Now that I’m back here’s what I have been working on.

Forever Yours – This story only has 2 more chapters so I’m trying to knock that out. I’m working on chapter 9 right now and it’s about 75% done, it was further along before my hiatus but then I had an idea and that put me back a bit since I had to restructure and change. Once I post chapter 9 I’m going to dive straight into chapter 10 so I can finish out this story as soon as possible.

Dog Days – I’m working on chapter 7, I have it blocked out and I know what I’m doing with it but since there’s more than one action scene it’s slow going (I am so bad about getting a fight scene to a place where I like it enough to post it).

Counseling Sessions – I’m about 85% done with this one-shot for the Oz fandom. I’m not sure how much anyone else will want to read this but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone so I’m going to finish and post it so it’ll get out of my brain. Finally.

Those are what I’m working on right now. I did post something on my FF.net page that I’m going to repost here so that everyone has an idea about where my head it at writing wise.

Currently Active Stories : Updates Infrequent (as muse and time allow)

Dog Days : Planned amount of Chapters 10

Forever Yours : Planned amount of Chapters 10

Cutting Room Floor : No set story length just one-shots I post when inspiration hits

The Many Worlds Theory : No set story length (read above explanation for reasoning)

On the backburner (going to finish them but not currently in the work rotation; one will become active when one of the above is complete)

Future with Me : Planned amount of Chapters 9

My Girl : Planned amount of Chapters 12

Life Plans : Planned amount of Chapters 9

Family Business : Planned amount of Chapters 7 (This story is being written in chunks each “episode” being 7 chapters so I don’t get overwhelmed and rage quit)

To be re-written/re-worked (a.k.a Last At Bat)

Deal Me In : Chapter number unknown the outline is being re-written

The summoning : Chapter number unknown outline is changing

Angel’s Destiny : Chapter amount 10 (was finished but is being re-written to better gel with the upcoming sequel)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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