Quick Update 3 Feb 2021

The last chapter of Long Road Home was post earlier today. The next story in the series won’t start posting for a while but that one will focus more on the Daina/Godric relationship and the Daina & Jason familial bond. Sookie and Eric will be involved and Daina will be continuing her campaign to be rid of Bill but they won’t be as center staged.

I have finished re-writing Consequences of Reason (Once Upon a Time) and it now has four chapters and I’ll start posting those tomorrow or maybe even later today if I can finish the last read through to make sure I didn’t miss anything by then.

I have started the re-write of Angel’s Destiny and should be done with it by the end of this week and will start posting the updated version by Monday at the latest. Not much will change for the majority of it other than expanding it a bit but the last two chapters will be completely different since I decided I needed a different ending before I started the next fic in that series.

Soulless was also completed recently and I am working on the next story in that series and should start posting that one soon as well. It’s honestly just a group on one-shot type chapters that show where everyone is after the events of the first story and introduce some of the new characters of Season 3.

That will leave me with 8 in progress stories to finish (not counting the one-shot series fics that don’t really have an end date attached to them). Of those 8 I’ll be working on finishing Future with Me (3 chapters left), Dog Days (4 chapters left), and Forever Yours (4 chapters left). I’ll also begin the re-write/finishing process for My Girl (12 total chapters 2 already posted but due for editing) and Life Plans (9 total chapters 2 already posted but due for editing).

I won’t be working on Deal Me In, The Summoning, or Family Business for a while because I need to do a bit more work on them than the others so they are being saved for last since they will take longer.

Other site news – I added a couple Korean Dramas to my Foreign TV Shows Rec Page.

That’s all for now, hope this shines some light from the end of some loooong tunnels on a few of my works.

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