Progress Update Dec 29, 2020

So far since the last update all I have managed to do is finish editing What About Now (True Blood), most of the story stayed the same though I did pepper in some references to Barry the Telepathic Bellboy and the last half of the second to last chapter did get the most overhaul.

I will admit I got distracted not only by Christmas but also by starting a few new shows (mainly Tale of the Nine Tailed) and I have been more focused on those than writing.

I plan to focus on Soulless and Long Road Home since both only have a final chapter left and hope to have them out sometime later this week. Beyond that I have begun editing Another World (True Blood) and once that’s done (it only has 7 chapters) I will finish out the editing with Only One (Vampire Diaries) ending that part of the journey.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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