Progess Update Dec 22, 2020

So I have updated some of things and here is a comprehensive list, I’ll have some new stories up either later today or more likely tomorrow but here’s a little something to look at.

Fic Recs Update – NCIS (1), Harry Potter (8), Comics (2), Star Trek (5)

My Videos Update – I added the actual vids themselves (since I upgraded and can now do that), feel free to take a look.

Previews Page – I have one new story added here for the Untamed fandom.

As for stories, I’m working on them but the wording doesn’t seem to be working for me plus I will admit I keep getting distracted by TV Shows and other things I want to watch/read. I make no apologies I told everyone from the beginning my brain is run by an easily distracted squirrel who will randomly chase every shiny object it sees.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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