Progress Update Sep 30, 2020

Real life is crowding in on my writing time right now so things are going to slow down for a minute here. That being said here’s where I am story wise…

Dog Days – I found a few errors when editing the latest chapter and have to do a bit of an overhaul on it. I apparently changed my mind mind stream on a few things and didn’t go back and clean it up. That’s what editing is for in my mind I guess. So that should be up soon.

Long Road Home – This fic is going in an interesting direction and I should be done with this chapter sometime this week.

Forever Yours – 4 Chapters left on this fic and it’s moving along at a steady clip so expect the next chapter up soon.

Future with Me – The next chapter for this fic is about 20% done and I am working on it a little at a time so while it probably won’t be up this week it might be up by next week.

The Many Worlds Theory – A few people have sent me prompts for this fic and while they are welcome I want everyone to remember that I am a slow/mood writer and it can take some time for me to do anything.

Soulless – The final chapter for this fic is still on hold until I get in the right head space for the MULTIPLE fight scenes I need to write to make it work. I do keep writing scenes for later stories in the series though, so I am technically still working on it I guess.

Other News

In other news. I still have 6 fics I need to edit that I haven’t gotten to yet (Party Plans, Only One, What About Now, Another World, Will You Be Mine, and LoVe Me Now and Forever), 2 I need to re-write entirely I haven’t gotten to yet (Consequences of Reason & Angel’s Destiny), 2 rec pages I haven’t even looked at in over a week (Film Recs for the 2000’s), and a few story ideas that keep rattling around in my brain with nowhere to go because they won’t form anything resembling an actual story they’re just scenes that make no sense beyond a passing thought that they might be cool to put somewhere.

Also as a sneak peek into phase two of this daring plan of mine. After I have completed all of the above mentioned projects that will leave me with 7 fics still outstanding. Here’s a quick overview of what’s going to happen with them.

My Girl – The existing chapters will be edited then it will be completed (it should come out to around 12 or 13 chapters total). I now know exactly what I’m doing with this one and while it will be a stand alone story I do have a few other ideas for this pairing so it won’t be the last you see of them from me.

Family Business – This fic is a really long one so I have decided to cut it up (in my own work schedule) into chunks. It follows the episodes with a twist so that’s how I’m going to write it one “episode” at a time. I mapped it out to be roughly 7 chapters per episode so I’ll try to set that as a goal. So I only have to edit the existing chapters and complete the first 7 chapter arc to feel like I’ve accomplished something. Looking at it as a whole was too daunting.

Deal Me In – I already went back and re-read the first chapter and I identified a problem. I have Castiel in the vessel from the show and if I want this to work over the entire series he needs to look like someone else so when he comes in as James Novak he won’t be instantly recognized. So I have to fix that. Beyond that I still have to finish the outline so as of right now I have no idea how many chapters this fic will be. I’m working on it though.

Life Plans – This fic should have between 9 or 10 chapters and the outline is already finished so it shouldn’t be hard to get back into. I just have to edit Life Plans first to make sure nothing there will change to impact this one.

Will You Stay with Me – This will largely depend on my edit of Will You Be Mine, I might decide I’ve had enough of this particular story line and just leave this one out all together and have Will You Be Mine become a stand alone story rather than a series.

The Summoning – I have to look at this one again. It has been so long since I’ve read the Anita Blake books I lost my momentum a bit with this and now I have to try and see if I can re-work it and find a natural ending for it.

Cutting Room Floor – This is an indefinite story at the moment, I probably won’t mark it as complete until I finish writing for the Daina Stackhouse series entirely so there’s really nothing to “finish” with this one.

The End

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