Progress Update Sep 22, 2020

Long Road Home – The next chapter for this one is at just over 3,000 words and still has a good chunk left to write. So it’s coming along but it’s going to be a monster. If I had to give a percentage I would say it’s about 80% done right now, but I’m steadily chipping away at it.

Dog Days – The next chapter is done and in editing, though that might take a minute because there’s a paragraph that’s giving me fits and I’ll probably end up trying to fix it again in editing before giving up completely and just posting what I have, but I have to try.

Soulless – The final chapter is being difficult so I have put it aside for a few days so I don’t get frustrated and do something that doesn’t make sense. I’ll come back to it soon.

Forever Yours – Chapter 5 is done and being edited, Chapter 6 is about 75% done and coming along nicely. The next chapter should be up some time tomorrow.

Future with Me – I have found my way out of the corner I painted myself into and am working on this fic again. The next chapter should be up soon-ish, depending on how many times I jump away from it and to something else.

The Many Worlds Theory – Chapter 2 is about 30% done, this will be a fic I work on whenever I have an idea for it, so don’t expect consistent updates to it.

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