Progress Update Sep 8, 2020

I have posted 11 times since the last update! This pic has never been more accurate. Sure it was the same two stories over and over but still, progress has been made. (It totally still counts!!!)

Story Updates

Revenge is a Klaus Specialty – There are two more chapters to post both are finished (except for the final read through to try and catch any mistakes that slipped by in the editing process) so Chapter 6 will be up later today and the final chapter will be up tomorrow. I am excited to start working on the sequel but I won’t post it unless one of two things happen either I finish it (not completely impossible given the momentum I’ve racked up on this particular project), or I finish all my WIP’s. I’m sticking to my self imposed rule of no more multi-chap new stories until I finish all the ones that have been waiting forever for me to get off my behind and finish already.

One More Night – There will be a chapter of this as well later today (chapter 7), but then it will slow down on the updates. It’s a 10 chapter fic and while I have the next chapter done and the last chapter as well the middle two are more a work in progress. Both are mapped out I just have to fill in all the blanks so it shouldn’t take long, but it won’t be daily anymore after today.

Everything Else – All other stories remain unchanged, I got sucked into the two I’ve been working on and blocked everything else out. I’ll get back to them after today so next weeks update should be longer.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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