Progress Update Aug 11, 2020

Story Updates

Dog Days – Chapter 5 is about 90% done and should be up soon, I still have two scenes to finish but once more one of them is fairly Vex heavy and he’s an interesting headspace to inhabit.

Soulless – Chapter 19 hasn’t moved an inch this week, but I’m just taking my time with it.

Long Road Home – The last chapter was a beast and the next will probably match it in size, so make of that what you will. The next chapter will be them sitting in the diner they found while talking about Sookie and her recent decision making skills, then the last chapter for this fic will be focused on Daina and we’ll learn a bit more about her.

One-shots – I am working on a few one-shots, but like I said before I won’t be uploading them unless I finish either an entire fic or a very troublesome chapter, they are now reward based. (reward for me and you, so we both win there). I will be uploading a one-shots series though in the Big Bang Theory Fandom, more on that next week (so don’t plan on seeing any of it this week basically).

Site Maintenance

Story Recs – New Fanfic Recs Page up for The Untamed

TV Show RecsSci-fi Show Recs and Supernatural Show Recs are both complete now.

Films Recs – I have Film rec pages done for – 1940’s film recs, 1950’s film recs, 1960’s Film recs, 1970’s film recs, 2020’s film recs (though I only have 2 for this decade so far)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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