Progress Update August 4, 2020

Story Updates

Dog Days – Chapter 4 is about 95% done, I just need to finish one scene (unfortunately it’s a scene between Lauren and Vex and while I know what I want Vex to say I haven’t nailed Lauren’s reaction yet) so that should be up soon(ish).

Soulless – Chapter 19 is about 15% done, it is going slower than I would have liked but my focus is shifting a bit and I have real world issues nagging at me for my time so I haven’t been able to really sink into the story lately.

Future with Me – has been put on hold until I finish Soulless to give me time to work my way out of the corner I painted myself into.

Long Road Home – The Next Chapter is finished and up on the editing block but considering how that went last time I “finished” it that means nothing for its release date.

I have begun re-working Deal Me In my Destiel fic and have realized I made a bit of an error in the first draft of this fic and I need to fix it. I need to put Castiel in a different body. You see if he stays in his current form of Jimmy Novak then later in the story he can be recognized as himself so I need to both change his host and un-name him so he can play a bit of hide and seek identity with Sam and Bobby later.

I have decided not to upload any of my one-shots until I finish a story. Every time I finish a fic I’ll upload a new one-shot as both reward and incentive. So that means after I finish Soulless I will upload None so Blind my other Cordelia/Angel fic.

Site Updates

Rec Pages – I have updated the fic rec pages for Criminal Minds, Buffy/Angel, Crossovers, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Psych, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Shameless

New Rec Pages : Big bang theoryBefore 1930 Film Recs, 1930 – 1939 Film Recs

I have also fixed the mistakes on Foreign TV Recs (added the posters I thought I added before), and did the same for Foreign Films (plus I added a new film there called The Invisible Guest). Any Rec pages not listed weren’t added to but were re-formatted and fixed.

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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