Progress Update July 28, 2020

Story Updates

Dog Days – So I have the first chapter up and chapters 2 and 3 are currently being edited with chapter 4 not far behind. They aren’t being changed much from the way they were before but I am trying to flesh them out a bit and changing up the training a bit. There will be 10 chapters in total for this fic and while I do have plans for a third and final part to this series that will go on the back burner while I work on finishing some of the fics I already have in progress. 

Soulless – So last two chapters, but that last one was brutal and I wish I could say it gets better but it really doesn’t. I have this chapter about 20% done, but this one is mostly inner turmoil and non verbal realizations so that’s going to take a minute. 

Future with Me – This fic is fighting me so hard. I was all set for the last two chapters but then I remembered that I actually need a chapter before those (making it three chapters before the end) where Sookie and Eric bond and she actually you know falls in love with him. Now I need to figure out what I’m going to have them do for that, all suggestions welcome since I’m kind of tapped at the moment on this one it’s been so long since I’ve read the books and the less said about the shows version the better.

Long Road Home – I really am working on this one but I finished it and when I went to edit it I realized their first heart to heart was really just Daina bitching them out from her soapbox while driving and that just doesn’t work if she does that then not only will no one else like her but her cousins won’t be talking to her by the time they pull up to the next chapter so I have to figure out how to pull a sulking Sookie and a depressed Jason out of their shells enough for this to be an actual TALK between them but they don’t want to. Sookie wants to look out the window and sulk about not being on the plane with Bill while Jason is trying to be an awkward turtle in the backseat about not only joining a hate group, but a hate group that tried to kill his family.

One Shots – I have finished my one-shot for Cordelia/Angel and it’s now on the editing block, I think I need to still tweek it a bit but it should be up by middle of next week at the latest. The one I had planned for Untamed has joined forces with a different one I had planned for that fandom and now I have to decide if I’ll leave them both as one-shots or put them together with one or two more chapters and make them a story (I honestly haven’t decided yet). The one I have for Gotham is only about 15% done now I keep changing how I want it to be but I have decided now to keep the whole thing from one POV until the very end when it will switch so that helps.

Other – I have a new chapter for Cutting Room Floor in the works but it’s going a little something like this. Godric : Can I be there you know I make her happy. Me : This is Gran’s funeral no you can’t come SIT DOWN. Godric : Fine if you will not see reasons I’ll go to my own chapter. Me : *face palm*

Site Maintenance/Updates

I have fallen down the internet rabbit hole that is Untamed fanfiction and once I surface for air I plan on making a recs list for it but not until I have a long enough list of my faves to make it worth doing.

I have added a Documentary Page and an Anime Page to my Recs I’m working on. I’ll be working on those little by little as I have the time and energy. Honestly it’s all the links and posters that are a pain, I could just give a list of the title and year but then I would be disappointed with myself and who wants that.

I have added a My Videos Page to my Recs which is just a list of my youtube videos for anyone interested in having a look. Honestly it’s just me trying to stay organized again. I don’t have many and am less vigilant about my videos than I am my stories, I will start a video and get distracted until I don’t remember I even started it until a year later when I see it just sitting on my computer barely worked on at all.

I have formatted and fixed Discoveries and Leave Out All the Rest

I still have to format Will You Be Mine, Another World, What About Now, Party Plans, Only One, and Revenges is a Klaus Specialty for my completed works. 

The WIP fics will be formatted as I go over them since I’ll be editing what’s already posted for them before I continue with them to try and finish them before the end of the year I’m including Consequences of Reason and Angel’s Destiny on the list of WIP since I’m re-working them like I did Dog Wild. 

Well that’s it for this week, though I will warn you that I can feel my focus shifting a bit so I might not update as swiftly for a few weeks. Who knows though maybe I’ll be swept up into a creative storm and everything will be fine (even I don’t believe that).

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