Progress Update July 21, 2020

Story Updates

Dog Wild – The next chapter of Dog Wild is done and currently being edited it should be up tomorrow or the next day; The last chapter is about 80% done and should be up by the end of the week or beginning of next week at the latest (if I don’t get distracted) then this fic will be done.

Dog Days – I’m working on editing the first chapter of Dog Wild’s sequel at the same time so I can post it the same day I do the last chapter of Dog Wild so people can go directly into that story if they want to. So that too should begin posting either by the end of this week or the beginning of the next. This fic should be about 10 or 11 chapters long. After I finish it I’ll move on to my last in-progress Lost Girl fic and try to finish My Girl (my Kenzi/Vex story) as well.

Future with Me – I have reassessed this fic and it has 3 chapters left instead of 2 it was getting too long to keep it at just the 2 I had originally planned. Some things still need to be shuffled for it to work but chapter 7 should be up by the beginning of next week at the latest. (WOW! that’s going to be a busy time for me it looks like)

One-shots – I currently have 3 One-shots mostly done they should all be up by (you guessed it) the beginning of next week, and I’m beginning to map out my two separate one-shots series I have planned as well. One for The Vampire Diaries and one for The Big Bang Theory though I haven’t really started on them yet, they are still very much in the planning stage. I am also about 75% done with the next in the Cutting Room Floor series and will have that one up soon as well (I hope, it’s fighting me a little).

Site Maintenance

Comments Enabled – I got a message that there was no place to leave a comment on one of my pages (Thank You valady1 for bringing it to my attention it was very helpful) so I went through and found the issue. Turns out you have to click an allow comments button on every new page you post and only some of them had it done. I swear it was completely random which ones did and which ones didn’t, but now they should all be up and running with it. Thank You again for letting me know about the issue, if I don’t know I can’t even try to fix it.

A few pages are blank-ish – While I was doing this little inspection it came to my attention that there are a few pages that appear to be blank (some of them even have comments under them so they were obviously visible at some point). The content it still there but for some reason it needs to be highlighted before it can be seen. I will be working on that as well, though it might take some time. As it stands I am going through each story individually and editing them chapter by chapter for formatting and grammar issues for here and my other platforms. So far I have 7 stories done on all platforms but it’s slow going. Please be patient with me.

New Rec Pages in Progress – Finally I have an idea for two new rec pages and will begin posting them soon(ish) as well. I have banners for them and everything (I don’t know why but making a banner for something seems to make it real for me). They will be rec pages for TV shows and Films. It occurred to me that while my Previews Page and My other Rec Pages do show a few of my fandoms that I’m into but haven’t written for (yet) they don’t really show the spectrum of my fandom diving so I’m going to do this as well.

The Shows Page will consist only of TV shows I have watched either beginning to end or if they haven’t ended yet ones I am at least up to date on, and will be separated into 6 categories Anime (kind of self explanatory there); Crime (Any show that is Police, Lawyer, or Murder focused); Foreign (any shows not in English and they will be separated by country of origin as well); Other (Almost a slice of life category, any show that just focuses on people having normal (if exaggerated) lives), Sci-Fi (Any show that is Space, Alien, or Futuristic based); Supernatural (Any show that is Magic or Creature based).

The Films Page will be separated by Decade with a special category for Foreign films that will like the shows page be sorted by Country of Origin. This project is intensive (I watch a lot of things) so will be put up a little at a time and like the recs pages will be edited and updated when I have time or a need to. This probably won’t even start posting until the beginning of next month, but I just wanted to put it out there (since I’ll be working on it off and on) and ask if you had any suggestions for different or better categories. I also might start a Music Page as well if only to help me keep track of it all but I’m not sure how I would organize it yet.

These pages will also make it possible for people to rec me things if they so choose.

That’s it (like that wasn’t enough), Hope you liked this look into my week see you soon with the next update.

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