Progress Update July 2, 2020

So this is a new thing I’m going to try in an attempt to keep myself on track. Once a week (the day will change depending on what I’m doing) I will give a little update on what I’m writing whether it will be posted soon or not. That way if I don’t post one of these during any given week I know I’m slacking and need to work on something at least a little bit. Here it goes….

Dog Wild Update – Chapter 4 is complete and should be edited and up tomorrow. Chapter 5 is about 90% done, but since I tend to outline what I want in a chapter then write it out in chunks or “scenes” I can’t be sure how many days it will take to finish it and have it ready to post. It only needs one more “scene” to be finished but it’s being stubborn. As stated before there are 8 chapter total for this story then after that I need to edit, flesh out, and finish its sequel Dog Days. There is a third story to that series but I’ll probably take a break from it and work on my other Lost Girl fic My Girl (Vex/Kenzi) to try and finish it out as well.

Future with Me Update – Chapters 4,5, and 6 are all completed and just need to be double checked for typos and such before I post them. The final two chapters are outlined but I keep going back and forth on what happens when so there’s going to be a slight delay on those while I come to a decision on the order of events to finish it out. It will also come out to 8 chapters when it’s finished, so fingers crossed.

Long Road Home Update – I finished the outlines for the chapters. I knew what I wanted to happen but needed to decide which chapter would have which talking points. The whole point of this fic is that the three of them are stuck in a car together discussing their issues and trying to get back on track before they reach home, so what issues they talk, how much they talk about them, in what order, and what they leave alone was kind of important. So chapter 2 of that one is being sectioned out and planned as of now, no promises on when you’ll see it though. It’s truly dialogue heavy and I want to try and keep everyone as in character as possible and the more dialogue there is the more chance of losing someones “voice” and having to start over.

Soulless Update – There are 3 more chapters of this story but unfortunately for me my brain decided to take a break from writing this fic and swirl into action on rethinking its sequel entirely. The sequel titled Summer Heat was supposed to be a short little 3 to 4 chapter fic detailing where everyone was after the ending of Soulless (sort of like Long Road Home) and softly introducing both Faith and Wes before they come to Sunnydale in the next story, but my brain decided to stop me in my tracks and explain that we really need to stretch it out a bit more so that it could last for the entire time that stretched between Seasons 2 and 3 of BtVS and it has grown to over twice its original size and the outline is still being edited. I’m trying to steer myself back to where I need to be but so far no dice, my brain has decided that I need to have this outline done before I finish the story so that the end of Soulless doesn’t ruin the outline I’ve already got done, at least I’m working on some part of it though right?

Re-writes – I’ve re-written the outlines for both Angel’s Destiny (Angel) and Consequences of Reason (Once Upon a Time) and will be attempting to re-write the both of them as well like I have with Future with Me and Dog Wild. Consequences already had been re-written for the first two chapters but isn’t quite ready to start publishing yet, I want to give it another once over before I begin. Angel’s Destiny only has the new outline without any of the editing even being started yet.

Finally New Fandom Alert – I binge watched Untamed on Netflix and now I have been sucked into a portal of fanfiction and thoughts that still need to be fleshed out. I have a one-shot for this fandom already mapped out and semi started though if I had to put a number to it I’d say it’s only about 15% done at the moment. I’ve only watched the live action series (though I am looking into both the anime and the novel) and only watched it once at that so I might hold back on this until I can try to get the voices down a bit better. (I am a bit obsessed with voices, learn something new about yourself everyday, right?) Little look at it, it’s titled Quality Time (tentative title might change it later) and it deals with Xue Yang, Xia Xingchen, Song Lan, and A-Quing. It was totally random and came out of nowhere but I decided to map it out anyway. My OTP is of course the main focus of the show Wei Wixian/Lan Wangji but I need a bit more time to really think about a story for them and read more of other peoples fics for them so I don’t unintentionally copy someone without giving out all due kudos and directing anyone who likes my version to its inspiration.

So that’s it the first weekly update. Like I said this is mainly for me to try and keep my overactive brain from wandering off for too long again but I hope you found it informative as well.

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